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Bosch Cordless Drills

Bosch cordless drills

Bosch cordless drills

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One must have the right tools to properly and quickly perform the needed task. The Bosch cordless drills are a good choice and provide the right tool regardless if you are just a handyman, a DIY homeowner, or a professional contractor. They last a very long time, are tough and very powerful.

Bosch Cordless Drills

These drills are powerhouses which provide the power for fine woodworking to sinking 3” deck screws to rough carpentry to drilling spade bits to make holes in a 4×4. Of course, they will easily and quickly handle the small jobs such as curtain hanging, driving and retracting screws and drilling small holes. Whatever the project, these drills are ready to perform.

The tools will assist with installations such as shelves, countertops, or cabinets without having to look for a power outlet or use an annoying, cumbersome electrical cord. Of course, this factor is even more important when working outside with brick, block or even concrete.


The industry’s lithium ion battery used by Bosch tools is fast becoming the only acceptable battery choice which provides several benefits for the user. The batteries for Bosch cordless drills are usually smaller, weigh less, have charges that last longer and a recharge time that is greatly reduced. The “memory factor” of the old batteries is eliminated so the battery does not have to be drained before charging.

The battery can usually last through a whole day’s work or at least with one battery change. The quick charge battery means you never have to stop your work waiting on the battery. Because the batteries are lighter, fatigue is greatly reduced. The bottom line is you get a greater, longer lasting punch out of a smaller and lighter battery.

A unique battery feature is the choice of the slim pack or the fat pack battery. For shorter work periods and a desire for an even lighter weight, use the slim pack. If a longer run time is called for then the choice would be the fat pack . The batteries also feature the proprietary Electronic Cell Protection [EPC] system. This means the batteries have a no memory effect, minimum self discharge and will provide maximum cycle life.

Remember, it will take only 30 minutes to charge the battery and in 15 minutes the battery will be 85% charged and ready to go again. If ever needed, replacement batteries for Bosch cordless drills are ready available.

Drive Train

The Bosch drills present what some describe as the most durable drive train system that can be found on the market today. The trade-marked brute tough unibody power train of the gearbox, clutch and motor alignment is a force ready to work for you to accomplish the most demanding tasks ahead. It also helps protect the drill and motor against drops and other accidents.

A poorly designed holder for bits which doesn’t work well and the lack of a belt hook are negative features on some of the drills. However, other features quickly offset these disappointments in a great quality tool.  A quick example would be the quick changes of the bit where the chuck locks easily and you hear a “click”  which tells you it’s locked.

So you have great power and torque in a nice sized drill which is well built and tough with an excellent battery, ready for any project you may have in mind. It’s obvious the Bosch cordless drills are head and shoulders above many of the numerous other brands on the market.

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