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Cordless Drills On Sale
Cordless Drills On Sale

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Power drills without cords have been around for 20 to 30 years and cordless drills on sale can be found most anytime of the year. The thing to realize is that the drill you find today is nothing like the drill of yesterday. So it’s important to find the drill that not only fits your need, but also your hand. This is true whether you are a causual user, handyman or Pro. Keep reading to find the right tool for you at the best price.

Cordless – No Cord To Drag Around

Drills without cords not only make it easier to complete a job, but also allows you to quickly go from one project to another without a hassle. You don’t need to worry about finding an extenstion cord, plugging it in and after completing one job, moving it to another plug for the next project. Ever get your feet tangled in an extension chord?

Choose Proper Power Level  Performance

Consider your applications when choosing a power level.  Most causual users and homeowners will be satisfied with a 14.4 or 18 volt drill.

A 7.2, 9 or 12 volt can get a simple project completed if you have the patience, which most of us don’t possess.

A busy handyman or Pro would be looking for an 18 or 24 volt cordless drill sale. If the project consistently calls for drilling in concrete or masonry, or any other very heavy use, a 32 volt unit should be purchased.

Of course, if you have a one time special project which requires a powerful drill, you can just look for cordless drills for rent.

All this sounds good, so why not just go for the best and most powerful.? Well, it just doesn’t work that way. The more power, the more the cost AND the more the weight. For small and infrequent jobs, you don’t need the top power and certainly don’t want the extra bulk and weight.

So choose wisely.

Best Cordless Drill Performance Level Features

If you want a high performance cordless drill, consider choosing one that has dual-range and variable or adjustable speed settings with a reversible control. This makes beginning a drill hole or screw driving much easier. The reversible feature allows quick removal of screws. [Control should be on side and easily reachable while working.]

Another desired feature is a built-in LED light which helps when working in close quarters and poor lighted areas.

Keyless chucks make changing bits fast and easy. And it’s done with just your hands – no tools needed.

An adjustable clutch helps prevent oversunk and stripped screws along with broken drill bits. You can set the resistant level needed for the task.

Handling Comfort For Your Cordless Drills On Sale

Another important factor is choosing a drill with a comfortable ergonomic grip for reduced fatigue. One that is suitable not only for general work but for precision work and working in tight spaces as well.

Choose a shape that’s best for you from the regular pistol grip [handle in back] or the handle in the middle known as the T-shape. The T-shape improves control and balance with the heavier drills.

Battery Choice – Very Important

Hazadous nickel and cadmium {Ni cad} batteries have been replaced by non-hazadous ones. The newer Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) or Lithium ion (Li ion) are lighter, hold a charge longer and last up to five years.

Most battery chargers take about an hour to recharge the battery. Chargers that take less time cost more and the extra heat reduces the battery life.

Whatever your need, whether you are a homeowner, causual user, handyman or Pro, just click here for the best choice for Cordless Drills On Sale.


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