Dewalt 18v Drill Sale

Dewalt 18v drill Unit Sale

If you are looking for an 18v drill, then you certainly want to consider the Dewalt 18v drill. The Dewalt 18v cordless drill not only comes as just an 18v cordless drill, but it can also be purchased in a Dewalt 18v drill kit. The kit includes the drill, or drills, a charger and a Dewalt 18v battery, and usually two batteries.

Dewalt 18v Drill

The Dewalt 18v drills come with plenty of power to handle those projects around the house. They are excellent for curtain rod installation or assembling  wood projects such as bookcases. Or maybe you need to drill a 1 1/2″  hole through a 4×4 with a spade bit. Plenty of power.

The Dewalt drill not only drills a hole perfectly, but will effortlessly drive a screw. This is done with a comfortable grip because the ergonomics of a small drill are combined with the power of a large drill.

Good Battery Charge

With normal use, the battery should not have to be changed more than once a day, and many times not even that unless in heavy use. If the battery is not in use, the charge will hold for weeks while in storage.

One complaint is that sometimes using a hole saw to cut a hole in a door for a lockset, the bit will slip out of the chuck. While using this application, be sure to tighten the chuck properly.

Special Drills For Special Needs

Not only can you find the regular pistol grip drills, but also special drills for abnormal applications. Have you ever tried to use a drill in a tight space? The Bare-Tool Dewalt DW960B 3/8-Inch 18-Volt Cordless Right Angle Drill/Driver is a tool for just such a chore.

Not only does the design allow you to work in small places, but the dual speed settings, variable speed with a reverse and a multigrip trigger makes the work a piece of cake.

Popular Models

Other popular models are the Dewalt DCD760KL,  Dewalt DC825B,  Dewalt DCD950B, Dewalt DC720KA, Dewalt DC742KA, Dewalt DCD970KL, and the Dewalt DCD710S2. The Dewalt 18v drill is not only powerful enough for a homeowner or handyman, but also for the contractor. It has quick changing and long lasting batteries. You can hold and use the drill for long periods of time because it feels good in the hand.

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